TAP – Troop Attendance apP

TAPTroop Attendance apP
Licensed to: Demo mode, no license

Version: 1.45
© Michael Rounds, CADesign

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    TAPTroop Attendance apP
    Licensed to: Demo mode, no license

    Version: 1.45
    © Michael Rounds, CADesign

    Designed and implemented for a large troop to help streamline the process of attendance and campout signups using a method more in line to the youth’s mindset. Automatically notifies the primary parent via email of their scout’s campout signup on behalf of the troop treasurer to request payment.

    If you have an idea or feature that is implemented in a future release of TAP, your Troop will receive a free lifetime license for the application.

    Future capabilities planned include:

    • Attendance recording by merit badge counselor
    • Problem edit page -- dCMS of records.state

    Version History:

    v1.45 — email report content blank fixed
    v1.44 — merit badge attendance charlie test
    v1.43 — changed login disable to 90 min
    v1.42 — merit badge attendance beta test
    v1.41 — merit badge attendance alpha
    v1.4 — updated UI
    v1.3 — added patrol menu selection and shopping list
    v1.2 — active campout setting changed to global
    v1.1 — backend database changes for saving campout attendance
    v1.0 — released for Troop use


    Troop Attendance Access

    This is the access login page. Login here with the password to access the Troop attendance and signup pages and the associated reports.


    Troop Patrol Selection

    Select a button to show the scouts in that patrol. Patrol names and membership is controlled from the Admin Options panel.


    Attendance and Signup

    The Patrol Leader or each scout should mark themself present for the Troop meeting and indicate if they wish to sign-up for the upcoming Troop campout activity.


    Admin Options

    These Admin Options control the Troop meeting attendance setup, campout signups setup, edit patrol names, edit scout patrol membership, external database sync, and modify the local client identification configuration.


    Meeting Setup

    Using this page you can change the date of the Troop Meeting attendance roster, as well as setup the signup roster for the next Troop activity.

    To update the date of the Troop meeting used in the attendance roster, enter the date of the meeting in MM/DD/YYYY format. In the bottom section you can specify if the attendance page should also include signup for the next campout activity. If you want to include it, enter the name, date that you depart and date that you will return from the activity.

    When done, click the 'Save' button to update the database and make any changes active.


    Patrol Names

    Using this page you can change the name of any patrol and specify whether that patrol is active.

    If a Patrol changes names, you can update the patrol name here. All members of the patrol will stay the same. If a patrol disbands or you need to create a new patrol, change the active status. This will change which patrols are listed on the main patrols page.


    Scouter Information

    Using this page you can change and information for the scouter. First and last name changes, email changes, patrol membership and the active status of the scouter are all editable.


    Patrol Membership

    Using this page you can change patrol membership for any scout. Using the pop-down list, select the patrol the scout is a member of.


    Sync Data

    This page will eventually provide export options to sync attendance data with the TroopMaster database.


    Client Config

    This page is to define the settings for this instance of the application, as well as uniquely identify this client in case an audit needs to be performed.


    Merit Badge Selection

    The merit badge attendance entry page contains a series of buttons for each of the currently active merit badges. Selecting any merit badge button will bring up the attendance page where scouts can be marked as present for that class. New / additional merit badges can be added through the 'Start a New Merit Badge' button. A report on that weeks attendance at all of the listed merit badges is available through the 'Merit Badge Report' button.


    Merit Badge Attendance

    The merit badge attendance page allows the counselor to record scouts as present for that class. The attendance list will pre-populate with scouts who have been marked present in the class previously. Additional scouts can be added as present using the 'Add Scout' button.

    The 'Requirements' field is required, and should contain which requirements would be signed of during that class session. Additional optional notes can be added for clarification or additional information.


    Attendance Report

    The attendance report summarizes all scouts who have checked in as present and all scouts who have indicated they are signed up for the next campout event.


    Payment Report

    This page is used by the Troop Treasurer to identify which scouts have provided payment for the upcoming campout activity.


    Campout Checkout

    This page if for use when gathering to leave for the campout activity to make sure everyone is present and has provided payment for the campout activity. Scouts with a green dot are paid and can participate. Scouts with a red dot have not paid and need to pay before leaving for the activity.


    Campout Menu Planning

    Select your patrol and then use this checklist to help plan your campout menu. The Create Shopping List button will summarize your menu selections and create a suggested shopping list. This can then be emailed to all the patrol members who have signed up for this event.